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Additional Articles and Mementos:

Life in Turkey:

Birth Certificate of Abraham Maimon

Tia Donna - by Uncle Isaac Maimon

Papu Maimon's Book Inscription

Ketuba written and Witnessed by Papu Maimon courtesy of the National Library of Israel

Childhood Memories by Uncle Sam Maimon A"H

What Ever Happened to the Family Left Behind in Turkey? by Yaacov HaLevy

Journey to America:

COMING TO AMERICA: by Uncle Jack Azose

The Manifest of the ship that brought our family to America

The Jewish Women's Archive interviews Louise Azose

Life in Seattle:

Ande Besion (Ladino) - by Uncle Isaac Maimon

Papoo Maimon's berit log

Article on Papu Maimon's death

Article: Dream comes true for mother, son

Growing Up in Seattle by Selma Friedman

Maimon Family 75th Year Reunion by Eugene Normand