Dr. Judith Benoliel Belsky

"A Journey through Loss Faith, and Renewal. A thread of blue on a background of white - sudden tragedy superimposed on ordinary existence. The sudden death of her only son transported Dr. Judy Belsky into the unknown realms of Thread of Blue." Read more....

    "The customs official asks my grandmother

    what is that wrapped in velvet?



    Just paper

    I dissolve into paper

    For twenty years I am her text"

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"How does one write a family story, a memoir? My grandparents left Turkey for America in 1924. The story is that they got to America, raised their family including my mother and she married and had me. Is that the story? Or is the story that the ship that pulled them to America, pulled me in its wake as well. If I want to know myself, I must go back and trace their journey."

From How To Write a Memoir by Judy Belsky, originally published in Yated Neeman

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